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RTB "Tokyo" Pellet smoker

RTB "Tokyo" Pellet smoker

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The RTB Wood Pellet Grill series by NBE has taken what you love about outdoor wood barbecuing and has made it easy and accessible for anyone to master. NBE has been perfecting the art of burning wood for over 20 years in advanced pellet heating systems and has been internationally recognized for their advancements in burner design, temperature control systems, and innovative thinking. This accumulation of knowledge and passion has been incorporated into the design, development, and production of the RTB Grill. The result is truly an amazing and unique barbecue experience that combines ease of use, precise temperature zone control, versatile cooking, and full-bodied wood smoked flavours that are beloved by all.

The RTB Tokyo grill is our largest size model among our range of generously sized wood pellet grills with 10400 cm2 of barbecuing real estate distributed across two stainless steel grate levels.  The RTB Tokyo grill is robust enough for the daily pellet griller or even commercially within a catering business or restaurant.  All RTB grills are fitted with our unique re-directional burner head that allows you to control and shape the fire in the grill;  allowing for both indirect grilling at lower temperatures and high temperature searing simultaneously.  The heating zones in the grill are monitored by three temperature sensors (left, center, and right) that give you ultimate control over the entire grilling area. The wide temperature range of the grill from 60°C – 300° C allows you to prepare everything from a 16 hour low and slow smoking and barbecuing, to baking and high temperature searing.  The grill features a robust double wall construction with a stainless steel interior lining, large caster wheels for greater mobility, and spacious cabinets to house all your cooking utensils,  accessories, and  extra bags of wood pellets.

Standard features include:

  • Fast automatic Ignition
  • Wide grilling heat range up to 300 °C (390 °C, grilling plate temp).
  • Temperature zone control via re-directional burner head
  • 3  temperature zone sensors
  • 2 x meat temperature sensor
  • LCD temperature controller screen
  • Temperature reached notification at grill and app
  • Robust double walled grill construction with a stainless steel internal lining
  • IOS and Android app

RTB Grill Tokyo Description-

SKU: 150003

  • Temp range: 60-300° C (140-572°F)
  • Grill Area Bottom: 7800 cm² (1209 in²)
  • Grill Area Top: 2600 cm² (403 in²)
  • Width: 205 cm
  • Depth: 60 cm
  • Height: 125 cm
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